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Do you belong to a Book Club?

In addition to book stores, Friendship Bread can also be purchased through the following books clubs: Doubleday Book Club, Literary Guild, Rhapsody and Book of the Month Club. Audio and large type versions are available as well, as are e-book versions for your Nook or Kindle.

One of the most wonderful things about Friendship Bread is that there’s so much you can do with the book and the bread, making for a fun and unforgettable book club meeting or event. Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head but I’ll be happy to brainstorm more with you, too.

Talk with the author:

  • Invite Darien to join your book club via Skype or iChat.
  • Invite Darien to join your book club via telephone.

Here are some hosting ideas:

  • Make-Your-Own-Starter-Kits: Have a large bag of flour, a large bag of sugar, a container of milk or water (if milk, keep refrigerated until use), packets of instant yeast, and a box of gallon-size Ziploc bags (for starter recipe and instructions, click here). Depending on the size of your group, you can either set up an assembly-line format with people taking a bag and then working their way down the line (other people can “serve” each ingredient into the bag), or let people make their own. They can mash the ingredients in the bag — even if it doesn’t mix together right away, it will as the days go by. And in ten days they’ll be ready to bake!
  • The Friendship Bread Challenge: Come up with your best Amish Friendship Bread recipe! Members can bring copies of their recipes along with their bread, then choose the top one or two favorites. Make enough for people to take a slice or two of each variation home with them!
  • Host a Bake and Take: Just like in the novel, you can use your Amish Friendship Bread starter to bake different variations to share with your community! Join the greater Friendship Bread Kitchen Bake and Take (in March), or do your own! Make a list of people or organizations you are grateful for, and bake a loaf or two for them. You can also do cupcakes, muffins, or even cookies (do a search on our site or browse the Recipe Box for ideas). At your meeting, you can brainstorm people you want to bring your Amish Friendship Bread, too, and wrap your loaves and write your notes. Deliver them the next day. We often forget how grateful we are for the people in our lives, not just close friends and families, but the people who keep our homes safe, who educate our children, who deliver our mail, who offer a friendly smile. A Bake and Take is your way to thank them in return, and to let them know how much you appreciate them!
  • Recipe Swap: Bring copies of your favorite Amish Friendship Bread recipe to swap with your friends. If people print them on letter-size paper, by the end of the night everyone will have their own “custom” Amish Friendship Bread “cookbook.” Hand out a cover sheet with “Amish Friendship Bread Recipe Swap” and the date of the event. After that, all you need is a stapler! It’s a fun, wonderful keepsake for everyone!
  • Brainstorm on how to inspire others to bake for others–A Girls’ (Baking) Night Out? Replace the weekly family game night with a night of baking for someone you’re grateful for?

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