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Hi, my name is Darien Gee. I’m the author of Friendship Bread: A Novel and the founder of the Friendship Bread Kitchen.

My introduction to the bread and my inspiration for the book are one and the same. I remember standing in the small kitchen of our home when my then 8 year old daughter returned home after a play date. She was holding a paper plate filled with a few slices of what looked like banana bread, something funky in a Ziploc bag, and a page of instructions. To make a long story short, I took one bite and I was hooked, and in more ways than one.

Five weeks later, I had a first draft. Two months later, a new literary agent. A year later, a book contract with a new publisher. In 2011, Friendship Bread was published in the United States by Ballantine Books. It also sold in Turkey, Holland, Taiwan, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and Brazil. It came out in hardcover, trade paperback, audio, large print, and book club formats. Like the starter itself, it seemed to multiply and grow.

For almost a year my house smelled of sugar and cinnamon. I was writing, I was baking, I was connecting with people about the book and the bread. I looked for ways to make it gluten free (tricky) or low cholesterol (easy), but above all easy and accessible to everyone. I wanted people to have fun with it, to be creative with it, and to share it with others. Amish Friendship Bread is all about connection, a modern day “stone soup” that brings people together and builds family and community.

Thanks so much for finding me here, and I hope you have fun looking around. Read or listen to an excerpt from the novel, find an Amish Friendship Bread recipe, or ask a question (be sure to check out the FAQs first). I love hearing from readers and Kitchen Friends, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Writing as Mia King

I also write under the pen name Mia King. To hear about that journey and the three national bestselling novels I’ve written as Mia (Good Things, Sweet Life and Table Manners), click here.

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