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We’re giving away your choice of a copy of the novel or the 12-CD audio book of Darien’s Friendship Bread (read by Nancy Linari) to libraries to add to their library collection. If your public library doesn’t have a copy of Friendship Bread and you would like to help them get one, simply follow the directions below:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us your full name, the library name, mailing address, phone and head fiction librarian of your local library, and
  2. What you love most about your library, libraries in general and/or any favorite librarians!

Each winning library will receive a hardcover of the novel OR the 12-disc audio CD of the novel to add to their library collection (we’ll check first to see which one they have or need). They’ll also receive a letter telling them that this new addition to their library collection is thanks to … YOU!

We’ll choose a winner on the 15th of every month, so please make sure your entry is complete — incomplete nominations will be disqualified. Good luck and thank you for supporting your local library!


Sharing the Love … some favorites from our Kitchen team!

  • The current library in Kitchen Founder Darie’s life: the Thelma Parker Memorial Library in Kamuela, HI. Favorite library of her childhood: the Meyer Neighborhood Library in Houston, TX. “Libraries were always my escape. We moved a lot when I was growing up, but I knew that if I could find a library, I’d be at home. There’s something about wandering the stacks, discovering a book, pulling it off the shelf and checking it out that always made me feel connected.”
  • The current library in Virtual Kitchen Assistant Susan’s life: the DuQuoin Public Library in DuQuoin, IL. Favorite library of her childhood: the Michigan City Public Library in Michigan City, IN. “I went back to my childhood library after being away 23 years. I was so impressed with how wonderful the place looked. As a kid I knew that I could go there and escape from my crazy world and find new places to explore.”
  • The current library in Virtual Kitchen Assistant Jill’s life: the Kailua-Kona Public Library in Kailua-Kona, HI. Favorite home-away-from-home library: the Hillsboro Public Library in Hillsboro, OR. “I love the windows looking out to the park–it’s the perfect place to discover new books and authors!”

Winning libraries to date (March 2012):

  • Dike Memorial Library in Dike, IA (nominated by Karen Heerkes)
  • Cambridge Community Library in Cambridge, WI (nominated by Stacey Bieberitz)
  • Alvin Library in Alvin, Alvin, TX (nominated by Heather Nance)
  • Blue Mountain Public Library in Blue Mountain, MS (nominated by Kevin Lence)
  • Miller Memorial Central Library (Hamden Public Library) in Hamden, CT (nominated by Jennifer Marchitto)
  • Linton Public Library in Linton, IN (nominated by Wilma Hardesty-Jerrell)
  • LaValle Public Library in LaValle, WI (nominated by Linda)
  • School Library in Plato, MO (nominated by Dianna Baker)
  • Ogdensburg Public Library in Ogdensburg, NY (nominated by Viviane)
  • James City County Library in Williamsburg VA (nominated by Sheri Gill)
  • Richfield Township Library in Saint Helen, MI (nominated by Richard Evanoff)
  • Eldon Public Library in Eldon, MO (nominated by Shelly Snelson
  • Brownsville Public Library in Brownsville, OR (nominated by Joey Running)
  • Slatington Public Library in Slatington, PA (nominated by Carla McIntyre)
  • Barbara and Mike Bass Library at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, OH (nominated by Pamela Reese)
  • Mohave County Library in Golden Valley, AZ (nominated by Laura Strathman Hulka)
  • Kate Love Simpson-Morgan County Library in Mcconnelsville, OH (nominated by Debbie Sharp)
  • West Allis Library in West Allis, WI (nominated by Jeanmarie Hiracheta)
  • Natchitoches Parish Library in Natchitoches, LA (nominated by Dawna Penrod)
  • Villa Park Library in Villa Park, CA (nominated by Lenore Fujibayashi)
  • Davis County Library North Branch in Clearfield, UT (nominated by Adelina Priddis)
  • Corbin Memorial Library in Crisfield, MD (nominated by Donna Tyler)
  • Randleman Public Library in Randleman, NC (nominated by Sue Aaron)

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  1. Sheila Lence says:

    My favorite library is the one I work at: Blue Mountain Public Library in Blue Mountain, MS! It is a tiny little library serving a small, impoverished community. But it has a BIG heart!
    I have always loved libraries. All those books ~ just waiting to be read by me!

  2. My library is in McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 located on Main Street.
    I love my library because it is a smaller library but has so much to offer. They offer computer classes, quilting classes, summer reading programs, a place to look up your families history, and so on. The staff makes you feel at home when you walk in the door with friendly smiles and a small town “Hello!”. They keep new books available and will help you with finding a book they might not have there. The name of the library is the Kate Love Simpson Library. The original library was on the same spot but a house turned into a library. Now it is a modern library but with a small town attmosphere. Any age is welcome and there are computers set up for the little ones to play games for their age. Wonderful library!

  3. Kim Bowlin says:

    Our little library, Holden Public Library, is a safe haven and family outing all in one. Our town is small, our library building is equally small, but the hearts are HUGE. The library has always been my place to meet and make friends, both in person and in books. Going to the library is going to LOVE and LEARN!

  4. Joey Running says:

    Brownsville Public Library–Brownsville, OR: This year marks the 100th birthday of this much-loved small town treasure. A group of women–the Ladies’ Self-Improvement Club, a town, and a dream 100 years ago has provided local and surrounding residents with a library housing 18,000 books and audio for circulation. What I love most, where do I begin? Librarian Sherri Lemhouse is a dream, the many volunteers so helpful, the Northwest History Room can be used to research Pioneer families and homes, weekly story time and monthly game night’s are popular activities…let’s not forget the Summer Reading Program to encourage our young readers…all of these are why I love our library!

  5. Beth Walter says:

    I love my library because I can get material to read and other important information for free. I try to give to the library every chance I can because the funding from the government keeps getting cut. I also love to read.

  6. Becky Welz says:

    I got the book on my Kindle today & love it, the recipes are a huge addition also. I have made this bread for neighbors, co-workers, family & friends in the past. I look forward to sharing the book now also. We are a small community in Strasburg, OH, 44680 and Libraries are what can hold a community together. Our Library has Story Hour for little ones (and their Grandparents), book reads for adults, and many other services. Being in a small community our funds are limited so we have a Friends of the Library group that tries to help keep things going. What a wonderful addition your book would be to the Emma Huber Library in Strasburg, OH. Check us out here in Tuscarawas County you will love us & want to help us out by giving us a copy of your “friendly” book.

  7. I love our county library, but I particularly love our wonderful tiny branch library – great staff, wonderful Friends of the Library support, and very knowledgeable and friendly.
    Mohave County Library, Golden Valley Branch, Golden Valley AZ
    I also remember my childhood library with fondness – anyone who loves to read should be a fan of libraries!

  8. I love the New York Public Library system. I love the lending library, and love their Twitter feed @nypl. So- that’s in general, what I love- they do great social media.

    I love my particular branch, the Ottendorfer Branch because it’s in walking distance and housed in a lovely old red brick building with pretty moldings. Gorgeous. And very nice volunteer staff!

  9. Jeanmarie Hiracheta says:

    My favorite library is the West Allis Library in West Allis, WI. It is so inviting with all the wonderful books, magazines, CD’s and more. I can spend peaceful hours looking through everything, and I always go home with my arms full. It’s a smaller library so they had to have a copy of Friendship Bread sent over from another library in Milwaukee Co. when I asked to borrow it, so I had to wait awhile to get a copy. It would be really great if West Allis had their own copy for our neighborhood.

  10. Dawna Penrod says:

    My favorite library is located at 450 Second Street in Natchitoches Louisiana. Located in the historic district of town our library is an inviting pleasant place to visit. On a hot day, you can relax while reading comfy and cool in the reading area and look out the windows at the amazing plants growing and blooming. On winter days you can relax warm and comfy in the same area with beautiful winter views to transfer you into the wonders of nature and the book in which you are engrossed.

  11. Charlotte Nail says:

    My library is the Estill County Library in Irvine, Ky. It is so great to have a good library in a small town in the Appalacian Mountains where many people can’t afford books but can go to the library and find things they will never see in life….reading may be fundamental to most but in rural Ky it often isn’t.

  12. April Michalik says:

    Since a young child I have been found in the library. passed that love onto my kids. By taking them to the libraries we have lived around. The summer reading programs are a hit. Hot reads for a winter night book group at one library was so much fun. Everytime we move the first thing I look up is where is the library and lets go get our library cards! So much fun can be had at the library. Storytime,book clubs,checking out books,community events going on,ect.. A world of information!

  13. Sasha Martinez says:

    I love the Douglas County Central Library in Roseburg, Oregon….our library runs wonderful programs such as pre-school story in both english & spanish, book clubs, summer reading programs, Poetry readings for teens. It’s a great place that makes books, movies, audio cds & magazines available to everyone. The Douglas County Library System, formed in 1955, consists of the Douglas County Central Library in Roseburg and ten branch libraries located throughout the county. A partnership between the County, which supplies the staff, collection and computer network and the cities, who own and maintain the buildings has been a benefit to the citizens of Douglas County.

    The Douglas County Library System is a department of Douglas County, serving a population of 103,815. For many years the library system has been funded by federal timber payments by way of the Douglas County general fund. With sever budget cuts under way the main library will only be open 24 hrs per week and is relying heavily on donated materials to fill the shelves for readers.

  14. Schuylkill Valley Community Library in Leesport PA welcomed me 10 years ago. I’ve read for the preschool program, was on the Board of Directors for 6 years and have been involved with the “Friends” of the library all that time. The library has the friendliest staff and runs the best programs from Junior Friends, Book Club, the annual fall paranormal presentation, hosting AARP’s free tax preparation, monthly local artist displays and many other events. Always a great place to stop, borrow and visit!

  15. Desiree Hendricks says:

    My favorite library is the Buder Branch of the St. Louis Public Library. It has a little of everything for all ages. They offer free computer classes, events for kids and adults, and have choice of everything from travel DVD’s to audio books to newspapers. They will even look up old issues of magazines, if you ask them. Just love it!!! Oh, it is close to my home.

  16. My library is the Wilsonville Public library in Wilsonville, Oregon..
    Here not only do they have a wonderful selection of books, music, videos, etc. They have a Wonderful staff who do baby storytime, toddler storytime, pre-school etc. My grandson an I go several times a week and after storytime we play in the childrens area with other kiddos and check out books.. It is one of our fave things to do together:)

  17. I love the Carmi, IL library. They are more than willing to help find books that my daughter and I are wanting to read. They will also deliver books to the home bound (which will include me again after my next knee replacement). Stephanie has been very helpful to us!

  18. I have been taking my son to the Library since he was a baby! We would sit in the children section and I would read to him by the hour. He is sixteen now and we still enjoy going to the library together! Now we enjoy looking at the history books of Oklahoma and working together on the computer. He now has to read to me as I have diabetes and can not see as good as in my younger days.

  19. Jean Jackonski says:

    I love my library, The John L Street Public Library in Cadiz, Ky. This is not a large town but the facilities and people who work here are fantastic. They are always willing to help you find a book and do their best to remember your favorite authors and types of books you like. The BEST!!

  20. Viviane says:

    Our library is small but what they lack in size they make up for in ingenuity and hospitality. The Ogdensburg Public Library, Washington St. Ogdensburg, NY 13669 is very involved in the community. They offer many things to the children of the area, children of all ages. The staff is very diligent in trying to incorporate new and refreshing activities to attract the people to the library. This attitude was responsible for encouraging me to read as a youngster and helped to develop my love for books. With the down turn in the economy, the library is having to cut hours but they are struggling to find ways to continue to offer first class services to this rural area. I love my library for all of the wonderful books and the tremendous efforts of the staff.

  21. r people of all ages, including a computer room and a teen area. It was design to encourage everyone, regardless of age, to read. As you enter you will notice the different areas, and you will find your eyes going from side to side, looking for “your” area. Once you locate your area, you will begin to see everything else. Our librarians love for their job is evident by the way they conduct themselves with all customers. The atmosphere is such that it will make anyone want to pick up a book to read.

  22. Our library is modern with an Industrial look. It has distinctive areas for people of all ages, including a computer room and a teen area. It was design to encourage everyone, regardless of age, to read. As you enter you will notice the different areas, and you will find your eyes going from side to side, looking for “your” area. Once you locate your area, you will begin to see everything else. Our librarians love for their job is evident by the way they conduct themselves with all customers. The atmosphere is such that it will make anyone want to pick up a book to read.

  23. Viviane says:

    Posted a review on Amazon 5/17/11

  24. Pat Bailey says:

    I am a volunteer at Fairfield Bay Library in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. It is a library built on volunteers and donations that had its origins in the local community by a group of people who loved to read and share books. It does not recieve any state funding since our county already has a public library but with 40+ volunteers it is entirely staffed by those folks.There is one paid position, our Director who has developed and improved the services we offer. Books, movies, internet access, audiobooks, early learning station are some of the things we offer. So if you love to read come join us, we have books for tiny tots on upwards. I’m sure you’ll find something you want to read.

  25. Kelly Lehman says:

    We live in a small town and we’ve been going there almost every Saturday since our son was born (14 yrs ago) He’s participated in their reading programs and they’ve gotten to watch him grow up and see what kind of interests he has. At times they have set aside books for him that they think he might like and they’ve even asked him to put together a list of books that he enjoys and would recommend to other kids. I don’t think you would get that kind of special treatment in a bigger city. We love our librarians and they are so kind and helpful. They sure have been a big part of our life.

  26. Kelly Lehman says:

    We live in a small town in GAand we’ve been going to the library almost every Saturday since our son was born (14 yrs ago) He’s participated in their reading programs and they’ve gotten to watch him grow up and see what kind of interests he has. At times they have set aside books for him that they think he might like and they’ve even asked him to put together a list of books that he enjoys and would recommend to other kids. I don’t think you would get that kind of special treatment in a bigger city. We love our librarians and they are so kind and helpful. They sure have been a big part of our life.

  27. in carlisle,co. ky. we have library on wheeels it goes to each community at different days.parks and everyone can visit.thanks elizabeth smithson 2424 ct. rd. 1024 cunningham,ky. 42035

  28. Licia Pannucci says:

    My favorite library is our Madison township branch ~ It’s part of the Richland County Public Library system, based here in Mansfield Ohio…it is one of the few branch libraries that stayed homey and everyone knows you…even after they went techno ~ LOL!
    Seriously, I am impressed with it’s “big library” types of accessibility and the computer access ~ but I like being able to curl up in a chair there and feel comfortable with my treasures right at hand!

  29. Claire Sherman says:

    My hometown library, the Morton Grove Public Library ( is just the best! The creative programming from one man biographical plays to technology classes and story times where new readers read to a large well behaved dog.
    The website MGPL is well known all over Illinois and features a 24 hour “Ask” button where you can ask a resource librarian for information.

  30. Tamara Jessee says:

    Our library in West Branch Michigan is well used. Many kids & adults go there. I took my kids and now I take my grandchildren. They do so many activities with kids of all ages lol, including my age. I have read books all my life and this library has kept me well supplied. The librarians are so helpful! Alas they do not have this book in yet & I haven’t been able to read it. I do love the friendship bread kitchen though 🙂

  31. I already read and reviewed your book 🙂 I loved the book, thank you so much for writing it. Is there qoing to be a sequel? I miss Avalon!

    As for my library, I homeschool and the entrance to James City County Library is right across from my subdivision. I LIVE there. I could not homeschool if it were not for the library. So often, I only have time to choose books online and then rush over to JCC library to pick them up, the wonderful staff always has them ready. I’d love to thank them and my community with a copy of Friendship Bread. (Library site is and there are two branches, Williamsburg and James City County JCC is mine.)

  32. Kelly Stoutenborough says:

    Kisker Road library Saint Charles,Missouri
    It is a small library BUT that is ok, the volunteers are ALL wonderful. When I walk into this library, I feel happy and comfortable. I LOVE the smell of books and a WONDERFUL peaceful silence comes over you as you walk the stacks. I always get excited when I get the message on my answering machine that ANOTHER book us waiting for me!

  33. Lenore Fujibayashi says:

    The Villa Park Library in Villa Park, CA is one of the sweetest, smallest, most convenient library I have ever encountered and love. The librarians are always so courteous and helpful and the library has anything and everything to offer even if space is limited. One can go into Villa Park Library and spend a whole day enjoying peaceful reading time and grasping knowledge at one’s heart delight.

  34. Lenore Fujibayashi says:

    I wrote a review on on May 18, 2011 about the mouth-watering novel by Darien Gee Friendship Bread:A Novel. Hope you enjoy it!

  35. I LOVE the Linwood Community Library in Linwood, Kansas! Linwood is a very small town and our Library is the HEART of our community. It’s motto is: Community – It’s our middle name! People in Linwood generally do not have much money, and the Library is almost the only place to go to socialize or have somewhere close to go to. It keeps the kids off the streets, and gives the elderly a place to hang out, especially since we no longer have a cafe in town. I would love to start a “Friendship Bread & Book” Club there. What a great thing that would be to help socialize & be a bigger & better part of my & our community. We would love to have a copy of your book to start us off. Thank you.

  36. Pamela Reese says:

    My favorite library is the Barbara and Mike Bass Library at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, OH.
    This wonderful library combines technology and resources for the students with the North branch library for the Elyria Community Library system which services the entire community.
    I spend a lot of time there as a student, a mom, and a writer.

  37. Reginia says:

    Boulder Creek Library rocks! Amazing programs despite major budget cuts…Also struggling to increase hours after county cuts major funding and hours!

  38. Vanessa Fleming says:

    I love going back to my birthplace, Benton, IL., to visit the Library. The recently built a brand new library and have all kinds of wonderful areas including a cooking section. I usually stop by there before heading into the Genealogy Room. In the past 4 years I have discovered books in that room that held the story of how my Family were part of the first 100 families to move into and help settle Benton, IL back in the early 1700’s!

  39. love making fruitcake with it and chocolate peanut butter muffins at holiday time and sharing with friends. I use the recipe for fund raisers for my boy JROTC group for their fund raiser we have.

  40. Can’t wait to read this book. Do audio tapes in my car, instead of listening to the radio music

  41. Richard Evanoff says:

    My library is terrific for a small town library. The community works hard to supply it and fund it.
    Richfield Township Library in St. Helen, Michigan 48656.

  42. Kathy Coldebella says:

    My favorite library is the main branch of the jefferson county library in Steubenville Ohio. I was injured in a auto accident in June of 2010, and the librarians were wonderful picking out and recomending books. They made my recovery a lot easier. They are #1 in my book!

  43. I’ve already turned in my story on why I love my Library. Does it help if you do it more than once?

  44. Susan Ottaway
    The Union City Public Library (Union City, PA) was built in 2000 because the house that had formally held it was stacked to within a foot of the ceilings and the floor was about to collapse. This building is now a gathering place for the community. It houses approximately 26,000 volumes, books on tape, magazines, and computers that are in constant use by the community. This is a small, economically depressed community and the library was funded largely by it’s citizens. I think that speaks well for the community and it’s dedication to seeing that the folks who live here have access to technology and the education books supply. Check us out on the web!

  45. Ginger Goepper says:

    My favorite library is the H.B. Plant High library in Tampa, Florida, because our librarian is the best! She makes our library homey and welcoming, just like a Friendship Bread kitchen.

  46. Kathleen says:

    My current library is the Herrick District Library in Holland, MI. I am there at least twice a week to borrow books, both printed and audio books.
    I love ALL libraries and stop to visit libraries while traveling.
    So many books, so little time.

  47. I live in a small town, Quincy, in the middle of WA State. When my husband and I moved here 6 years ago, the first place I wanted to visit was the library (my second home!). It’s a wonderful place that is shared with so many of our community members. Our librarian, Schiree Ybarra, does a wonderful job with childrens’ reading programs in the Summer and Winter, among lots of other activities. About 4 years ago, Schiree decided we needed a bigger library! For the past 4 years, a lot of us who are so passionate about the library have worked very hard to get this accomplished. With the help of the City of Quincy and a large grant, we had the funds for the new building. We put together the Quincy Valley Library Foundation group, whose mission was to raise funds for purchase of items for the inside of the new library and we have been hard at work for the past few years to accomplish this feat. I am proud to say that our groundbreaking was 2 months ago and our new library will be finished in November 2011! Our community is so passionate about the library. Although we are part of 28 branches within the North Central Regional Library System, the Quincy Library is second in checked out books. Whew! We needed the new library and extra space. Our community is so excited to have this wonderful addition to our town. Thank you.

  48. The North Davis County Library in Clearfield, utah! I love our library because the whole county works together and transfers their books between each library. It makes it more simple than driving from one library to the next to find a book. Love it! Sadly not one library in the county has Friendship Bread 🙁

  49. V Burgstahler says:

    Fort Vancouver Regional Library System, Vancouver, WA

    I was a voracious reader as a child and teenager, so a trip to this huge library, with more books than I could ever read, was better than an enormous candy store to me. I would pick out 20 chapter books at a time, and nearly finish the first one on the 40-minute drive home. It’s really amazing that my mother continued to take me there, when it meant that I would completely tune out the rest of the family- and my chores and homework- for the next week!

  50. Charity Weeks says:

    My favorite library is located in Nyssa Oregon and is the Nyssa Public Library. I grew up visiting the library every summer, finding special books that would take me to magical and far away places that a farm kid could only hope to visit. I now serve on the board of the same library and work hard to bring ideas and changes that benefit the community and all who visit. Books aren’t the main reasons people visit the libraries anymore and I love that we are open to making a useful resource for all who come through our doors.

  51. I have always been a huge fan of libraries and spent huge amounts of time reading library books. Now my granddaughter has my love of them and calls it the Book House. 🙂 Our fav. library here in Sedalia, MO is the Boonslick Regional Library. Like many they are on a county loan program so we can pull books from many libraries. Everyone is always so nice and doesn’t mind when M is a bit too loud. They also have nice children’s programs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. what a great supportive idea! i too am a huge fan of libraries – memories as a child, of the walk to the library in our small rural town – the smell of books – the hunt – all impacted me to have become librarian to our 2500 member church. i’d would love Schriemer Memorial Library to be the beneficiary of this generosity! THank you for the opportunity!

  53. I love the Midwest City library in Midwest City, OK it is part of the Metropolitan Library System that has locations everywhere around here.

  54. Maureen says:

    I love the Winnetka Public Library in Winnetka, Illinois.
    I grew up down the street from it and it was a wonderful place to go on hot summer days (one because it had air conditioning). But there are books there and I love to read.
    It was a great place to go in the winter too to find a book for a cold evening or weekend.

  55. I love our library because it, of course, has a lot of great books but it also has so many things to offer. There are playdates, crafts, book clubs, classes, shows, computers with kids games and they let us rent rooms for free to hold Homeschool book clubs and things like that. LOVE MY LIBRARY

  56. Harford County Public Library–Bel Air, MD

    has a great summer reading program and very helpful staff. supports local authors. great kids’ programs. book clubs.

  57. Lawson Library, NSW Australia.

    I have been in the mountains now for almost 7 years. The library is a well used quaint little building which is has some other services from it too. So my library, whilst well used, often relies on the other libraries in the mountains for books as it is so tucked away. Up here, there is a push for “slow food” get togethers and community – I think it would be lovely to start something like this 🙂

  58. Thelma Jean Webster says:

    I was given a starter friendship bread recipe by my daughter-in-law. She told me how to make it and gave me the recipe to follow. I have tried to find it but this is the first time that i have seen it since then. Thank you so much for this site. My favorite library is Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Library in Erlanger, KY. They have a very large place. They have a large section for kids.

  59. Debbie Underwood says:

    I love going into my local library, Cortland Free Library, in Cortland NY. This is where I first became absorbed in reading and later became a “fixture” on Saturday mornings. What I love about this place is that no matter how long you have been away..when you come back the feeling of warmth and friendship still remains! This is a place where community comes together for learning and sharing life! It is like coming home to enjoy a cup of tea and a GREAT BOOK!

  60. sheri grennille says:

    my local library is the upper perk library in red hill, pa. we have been going there since my daughter was six months old for storytime and books and continue to go (she’s almost 8). We love Miss Wendy’s storytime and special events, as well as Joyce, Ella and all the staff!

  61. Carla McIntyre says:

    Slatington Public Library, Main Street, Slatington Pa 18080. We are so blessed to live in a country that affords the opportunity to borrow books free of charge. The library offers many benefits, from books, magazines and newspapers to computer and printer access to those who do not have one at home. Our librarians are the greatest, they are a combination of referee (keeping track of just who’s turn it is on the computer) to providing insight on where to find information. I grew up with a love of books and a love of libraries. The hush that falls over you as you walk through the doors, the smell of the books, the peace and quiet that they provide in a busy, hectic world is irreplacable. Sadly many of our public libraries are in danger of losing funding due to governmental cutbacks and cutbacks in donations in the private sector. This is also my plea to remember to contribute to your local library.

  62. I love my library as it always is very efficent to get the books I order and all the staff is very friendly and helpful.

  63. Pamela Browne says:

    The Vigo County Library is the hub of our community.They host a wide variety of activities for the enrichment of the lives of the people they serve.

  64. Maria Long says:

    My library in Rockport, Tx. might be small, but it helped me 3 times be my own lawyer, and saved me money and stress. One of the hardest and longest workers there is a lady named Nona, and not only is she very helpful, but she wears another hat when she works at a 2nd job!

  65. springdale public library, 72762
    love they have programs for kids of all ages- love they care enough to help the patrons search for information…if i win i will send you further info

  66. Sue Aaron says:

    My favorite library is the Randleman Public Library in Randleman, NC. It is a branch of the Randolph County Public Library and has some wonderful people working there. They will help you with anything and make you feel at home. I have loved libraries and reading all my life and nothing has changed. I can explore the world and learn almost anything at my library.

  67. Shelly Snelson says:

    My library is Eldon Public Library in Eldon, MO. We are a small town with a small library, but our librarian, Ruby, does everything she can to get books that we want whether it is by purchasing them, or borrowing from another library. There have been very few times that I haven’t gotten what I want to read. It may take a little while, but Ruby doesn’t stop trying until she exhausts all her options.

  68. Rita Lockwood says:

    Amity Library, 307 Trade St, Amity, Oregon Small Town library, Everyone who works there greets me by name. They are quick to learn customer preferences, & without gushing or hovering, simply the friendliest, most helpful librarians I’ve ever met.

  69. ALICE JUNE COONS says:


  70. Barbara A Christie says:

    We (my husband and I) are Friends of Wister Public Library the smallest library in Oklahoma (I call it cozy). The address is 101 Caston Ave Wister, OK 74966. Phone is 918-655-7654 and the head librarian is Leslie Langley. The Friends produce a free monthly community newspaper which is anxiously awaited every month. And then there are: books, movies, CD, videos – the list goes on and on. What a great place to be on a hot afternoon! And, we’ve just started passing Friendship Bread starter. Wister is a small town and the library is the center for a lot activities especially for the children.

  71. Our Library, The Linwood Community Library is truely the “Heart” of our town & community. It keeps us all in touch with one another’s lives. We’re such a small town, that there isn’t much of anything else here. Without the Library here, the residents would probably be disconnected from the rest of the world. Our Library & it’s workers provides so much love, care and community, we don’t know what we’d do without it! We truely “LOVE OUR LIBRARY” here in Linwood Kansas. Please pick it to win your contest! Thank you.

    • I forgot to mention, there are only 4 employees at our small Library, so we really don’t have a head of “Fiction” Librarian. But the director of our Library is Sue Peavy. So I guess you would consider her the “head” of our fiction area too! : >

  72. My local library is: Onalaska Public Library, 741 Oak Ave S, Onalaska, WI 54650 608-781-9568 Vickie Walley
    I have always loved reading. Unfortunately, when I was growing up the only libraries available were in the schools. Not a lot to pick from. So I was lucky to receive books as presents, or for friends to lend me theirs. I would be lost in a town without a library. I used to work at the Onalaska Public Library, and know how much work the librarians go to, to make available materials for everyone to enjoy.

  73. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    We live in a rural area and the library tends to be the hub of the town. It’s a great place to gather, to read, or to use the computer. There isn’t much else in town.
    Monroe Community Library hopes to relocate into the refurbished historic train depot (you can read about this effort here:
    It would be a wonderful gift–and so fitting–to have a copy of Friendship Bread grace the shelves of the new library.
    The Librarian’s name is Lori Pelkey and the address is 668 Commercial, Monroe, OR 97456. (541) 847-5174
    Thank you for your consideration.

  74. Cyndi Nason says:

    Caldwell Public Library
    1010 Dearborn
    Caldwell ID 83605

    Elaine Leppert, Library Director
    (My hometown Library is too small to have an individual Fiction Librarain)

    My Library is a portal to other times, places, and worlds that I can lose myself in. Although it’s extremely small, our Librarian does her best to provide an assortment of new books each month. While our Library doesn’t have a copy of “friendship bread” we do have access to inter-library loans. I was on the request list for two months and must say it was well worth the wait. I’d love to see a copy placed in my home library for others to enjoy.
    I’ve been unemployed for over a year and had become extremely discouraged. After reading “friendship bread” I have brighter outlook for whatever the future holds (which will, hopefully, include employment in the very near future). Regardless, I know I’ll be putting my name back on the request list for “friendship bread” several times over!

  75. My Library is the Coeur d’ Alene City Library in Beautiful Idaho

  76. Heather Nance

    Alvin Library

    105 South Gordon
    Alvin, TX 77511


    [email protected]

    Branch Librarian:
    Danna Wilson
    [email protected]

    Our library just re opened about 3 weeks ago due to a fire that destroyed the Alvin Library. A lot of the books and inventory were destoryed in the fire,After being closed for over a year we re-opened our doors and I think that Friendship Bread is an uplifting story that is full of heart. Alvin is also a small town and I thought this story would be an excellent addition to our library and helpkick off our grand re-opening and get the citizens of Alvin excited about our library!

    I really love the Alvin library because everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful.

    I have spent many hours inside of thislibrary just looking at books and talking with other readers. I love this library because of its heart and the employees dedication plus the city of Alvin’s hard work to re store our wonderful library after the tragic fire.

  77. Dianna Baker says:

    School Library at Plato, Missouri
    10645 Plato Drive, Plato, Mo,65552
    Plato is a very small village and has been recently named the center of the nation. Population 101.
    Librarian:Debbie Collins

  78. Jorja Mitchell says:

    At about the age of 8, I discovered the majic of the La Grand Public Library. I remember walking the childrens section, letting my fingers touch each book on the shelf, imagining the worlds, the adventures, waiting there for me. When I finally moved to the adult section which was upstairs…each time I entered I would still feel the excitement of that young girl. That shiver of anticipation.
    “What adventures will I find today, what worlds will I explore, what new friends will I meet?”
    Even now I still remember the smell, the feel of the the books, thick, thin, rough, smooth. The quiet peace, knowing that any moment I could change my surroundings, visit new worlds, meet even more new friends….some that I still hold dear and return to often.

  79. Hello!
    I love my library! It’s small but mighty and the librarians are just the very best. My son is a reader and big fan also. He is sixteen now but still visits regularly.

    I’ve been a reader all my life. I know our small town would love to have a copy of the book and the audio book!

    My favorite librarian is Valerie.

  80. Debbie Brown says:

    I love making bread. The Amish Friendship bread I have passed on to a few friends for them to make. I also love making sour dough bread. They both are big hits with friends and family. I have been giving both as gifts.

  81. Linda Shaffer says:

    We only have 1 library in LaValle, Wi located at 110 Main Street, LaValle, Wi 53941. The library was flooded a couple years ago and had to be rebuilt. the had their grand opening this spring. The local ladies have got a summer program just for the kids.

  82. Jennifer Marchitto says:

    1. My library is:
    Miller Memorial Central Library (aka Hamden Public Library)
    2901 Dixwell Ave
    Hamden, CT 06518
    Circulation Desk: 203-287-2682

    2. The librarians at this library are extremely friendly and very helpful. It has all sorts of resources available to the residents here in Hamden (discounted museum passes, art shows). But the greatest thing about my library is that the books are there for me to read, for no charge. Can’t beat that!

    • Jennifer Marchitto says:

      Just got back from the library where I was notified that my library won! I was so excited for them.

      Thank you for the goodie bag.

  83. I have ALWAYS loved the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in Cincinnati, OH! Some of my earliest memories of of the library and the sweet smell of books with all the colored books on the shelves to choose from to read and enjoy. As I grew up, my two girls and then my grandson made regular trips to the library with me. We LOVE to read! Now I work for the Westwood Branch library part-time and LOVE IT! This is where I found my copy of Friendship Bread!

  84. My library expierence began over 45 years ago in a ‘bookmobile’ that visited our small rural community every two weeks. I would get so excited to see the large bus like vehicle rolling up to the local grocery store. As we waited for the librarian to prepare the ‘library’ for its patrons (un-strapping the shelves that prevented the books from toppling off the shelves as it traveled over our country roads) we lined up at the door waiting for the school bus type doors to open. What a wondeful expierence!! I have loved libraries ever since–spending many hours in the stacks at Indiana State University as I completed my B.S. & M.S. degrees. When I moved to our present home I began my love affair with the local library, the Margaret Cooper Library, named after the librarian that held the position from 1925-1983, in the building that was built as a Carnegie building in 1902. In 2007 a new library of 10,651 square feet was built at 95 SE1st Street in Linton, Indiana named “Linton Public Library”. It is a beautiful building inside and out. It serves Stockton Township (population of 8,722) and the entire population of Greene County Indiana. Jamie Tyner is the Librarian, a graduate of IUPUI, with a Master’s Degree in Library Science. It’s interior is well appointed with comfortable recliners, cub chairs with large footstools to use as needed (for reclining or a place to set your laptop), padded chairs that are so comfortable, different sections for Indiana Resource Center, Career Center, area for the ‘Friends of the Library’, Periodicals and Newspapers, Computer areas with new computers for adults with an area for children/teens’s computers, Videos/DVD rentals, and with wonderful stacks filled with research and fiction books. and an area for Books-on-tape. The community room hosts many special events ranging from a somber afternoon with a WW II Soldier that fought at Iwo Jima showing pictures and artifacts to a special fun evening called “Tea Party” that demonstrated the process of growing, picking, and mixing different kinds of tea. Each month a special event is planned. There is an Author’s Group that meets each weekto encourage future published authors. A movie night is held each month with recent films being shown as the attendees munch on popcorn and drink soft drinks. An active book club meets each week to read and discuss the chosen book. The staff at my library is a busy busy staff presenting special programming for the patrons. The pony express is a busy service delivering books to the home bound. As I walk into my new library I get as excited as the little country girl waiting for the bookmobile to lumber up the county road for 2 hours of letting books take me from the country to the world. My soul is at peace when I am surrounded by books.

    Since my library (it sounds as if I own the library but I truly take much pride in our NEW library) which still has many open shelves that would love to be the home of FRIENDSHIP BREAD & the accompanying 12 CD audio book. Thank you for this chance to win the book and CDs

    Linton Public Library
    95 SE 1st Street
    Linton, Indiana 47441

    Phone Number: 812-847-7802
    Libraian: Jamie Tyner

    Submitted by: Wilma Hardesty-Jerrell

  85. Joyce Caramia says:

    My favourite library is the
    City of Albany Library
    York Street
    ALBANY 6330

    “Friendship Bread” has been quite a revelation to me. I have recently started baking Sourdough Bread
    and just love this wonderful book.
    Looking forward to the sequel…oh
    and starting the Friendship Bread
    phenomenon here. xx

  86. My local library is Cambridge Community Library in Wisconsin, my borrowed copy of friendship bread came from over 50 miles away via the interlibrary system – I’d love to see Cambridge have their own copy. My name is Stacey Bieberitz. The library is very small, the directer is Joan Behm. It is located at 200 Spring Street, PO Box 490, Cambridge, WI 53523. Yay – thank you for the chance for my library!

  87. My local library is Cambridge Community Library in Wisconsin, my borrowed copy of friendship bread came from over 50 miles away via the interlibrary system – I’d love to see Cambridge have their own copy. My name is Stacey Bieberitz. The library is very small, the directer is Joan Behm. It is located at 200 Spring Street, PO Box 490, Cambridge, WI 53523. Yay – thank you for the chance for my library! – and I forgot the phone number – I’m sorry – 608-423-7330

  88. Patricia Hinshaw says:

    Archdale public Library in North Carolina greatplace for young mainden teenagers can go to learn quitely how to bake a friendship bread.

  89. I cannot find the two winners for August’s Library Love give away. Am I kooking in the wrong place?

    • THANK YOU!!!! My library, Linton Public Library (IN), will appreciate it sooo much. Again, I thank you. Off to feed my starter on its 6th day!!!! I am enjoying working with the starter so much. I enjoy watching it grow on my counter in an antique glass jar, always announce to my husband “It is happy today!!, and have made ALL the starter into recipes! My neighbors and friends LOVE the bread. I enjoy your website sooo much! Thank you for the wonderful gift to my library. ♥

  90. Debi Chowning says:

    My little community library has a lot of love to share. They do a great deal with very little funding.

    I love the reading program they offer for children during the summer, as well as programs all through the year.

    Very helpful staff, very patient. Everyone there loves to foster a love of reading and sharing.

  91. Christine Rapave says:

    my fave library is the Lowville Free Public Library in Lowville NY. the women that work there are very sweet & helpful when people need help finding books or using the computers. they have used books for sale real cheap too.

  92. Christine Rapave says:

    My favorite library is the Lowville Free Public Library in Lowville NY. The women who work there are very sweet & extremely helpful when people need help finding a book or information, or when they need help using the computers. The library also has used books for sale at really cheap prices too. Thats where I love to buy my romance novels! 🙂

  93. Kevin Lence says:

    My favorite library is the Blue Mountain Public Library in Blue Mountain, MS. The mailing address is:
    PO Box 188
    110 W Mill Street
    Blue Mountain, MS 38610
    The phone # is 662-685-4721
    The head fiction librarian is my mother, Sheila Lence. She is the ONLY librarian there.

    Blue Mountain Public Library serves a very small town in rural northeast Mississippi. The residents there are kind and friendly and they support their library whole-heartedly. Since my mom became the librarian in 2008, she has gotten another public-access computer, gotten wireless internet, gotten new magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and gotten lots of new books for kids and adults. More people come in there now than used to because Momma works so hard to make it a cheerful, useful place for everybody.

  94. I love our library in Fishers, Indiana!!! We are located at 5 Municiple Drive, Fishers, IN 46038 – close to the train station! You may call us @ 579-0300, and Trudy is our head Fiction librarian for the adult department. Our library is so fun to work at, I work with an incredible group of men and women. We have so much fun! We have incredible patrons and feel fortunate to be apart of their lives and our community. Not only does it provide so many resources both at the library and online, but it provides so many volunteer opportunities and outreach programs to help those who wouldn’t have access to it otherwise. Not to mention our literacy, local history room, and adult learning classes that covers a wide range of subjects from photography to computers and genealogy!!! I’m so proud of our local library and all that it provides to the Fishers community!

  95. Spencer Road Library
    427 Spencer Rd
    St Peters Mo 63376
    I live my library because the staff
    are all very friendly, remember your name and things you like, like a small town, but we are not.A great childrens are, always bringing baby animals and such for the kids to see.

  96. Sarah Horne says:

    Madison Library
    P.O. Box 147
    Madison MO 65263

    Carol Kroeckel, Librarian

    Even though my library is located in a small town they stay current on the books they stock. Cooking is a popular topic here in addition to novels. I’m sure this book, “Friendship Bread” would be a hit among the patrons. But books are just one reason I love my library. They also sponsor Quilt/Craft shows which offer local quilters and artists a platform for showing off their work. Computers, a Teen Room, Children’s Storytime and Family night are just a few of the things offered here along with Coffee Club and Reader’s Book Club. We may have a little library but it’s very active in serving the needs of our community.

  97. I enjoyed this book and many others from our local library.
    Douglas County Public Library in Minden,Nevada 89423
    They are a huge source of comfort.. Good times and troubled times..
    They have an excellent children’s program, and pre-school library. my family and I have been attending this library for over 22 years.

  98. I have the best librairian in the world! any thing I need , she tries very hard to get for me !!! new books , old books , any thing !!! she is super awesome!!!!

  99. Shirley Pearson says:

    I love my library!!

  100. My favorite library is the Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library here in Crosby, MN. Librarian Peggi Beseres is the head librarian. They serve a small community near Brainerd, MN. The address is: 101 1st Street SE, Crosby, MN 56441. Phone: 218-546-8005.
    My favorite librarian recently passed away but she worked at the Jessie F. Hallett Library for many, many years and was a beloved asset to her community. It was a blessing to get to know this warm, kind woman.

  101. Shirley Clingler says:

    We have the most friendly small library in the area. The staff is always helpful and have so many activities for the children.

  102. Shirley Clingler says:

    Our little country library is the greatest. The staff is always friendly and helpful adnthey have so mayn activities for the children. Aubbee Branch of Fulton County Library, 7432 Mani Street , Leiters Ford IN 46945, (574)542-4869

  103. Amy Black says:

    I love the Casey Public Library in Casey, IA. I was the librarian there and then moved out of state. I sincerely miss the small town library and the many benefits I had while there. The board was very supportive and allowed us to be very resourceful in maintaining our book collection. Current Librarian: Karen Littler
    604 Antique Country Drive
    Casey, IA 50048

  104. We are a small town of less then 10,000 people, our library acts as internet connection, story time for our children, help center for new residents, new media collections for our readers in all flavors, romance, mystery, comedy, non fiction etc. We have a difficult time requiring new media. It was just 15 yrs ago that the librarian became a part time paid employee. A good bit of our collection come from people who buy the books, read them then donate them, also from a yearly books sale, donations etc. We are small but always in use. Your book and CD would be well used, read, listened to, and so much appreciated.

  105. Karen Heerkes says:

    Our library is the Dike Memorial Library in Dike, IA- we are a small community and we’ve already had to add on to hold all the books, movies, audio books, and computers. It is one of the busiest places on Main Street!!! The head Librarian is Becky and she plans all kinds of activities for all ages as well as runs the library.

  106. Karen Heerkes says:

    I forgot the address
    Dike Public Library
    133 E. Elder
    Dike, IA 50624
    libraries website

  107. Rosemary Leonard says:

    Love the little library in Mt. Juliet, TN. and am sure it will be growing soon with all the county growth this past year or so. Would love to see it win! Very nice and knowledgeable employees. I could spend 24/7 with books of all kinds and never be bored!

  108. Nancy Swecker says:

    I want to enter the Elizabethton Public Library, 201 N. Sycamore St., Elizabethton, TN. 37643. Anna Estep is the head fiction librarian. The phone number is 423-547-6360. I’ve been going here for many years, first with my children and now with my grandchildren. It’s one of my favorite places to be. The staff is friendly and helpful. They have children’s story clubs all through the year and even added an adult book club this year.

  109. My Library is in Ardmore, TN and serves 2 states and 4 counties, Limestone and Madison in Alabama, and Giles and Lincoln in Tennessee. We are a very small town, right on the state line. Our library has a good but small collection, and keeps programs going throughout the year.

  110. Beebers9962 says:

    I live in a very small town called Meyersville Maryland. We do not even have a building for a library,just a mobile unit that comes once every couple of weeks,but I am certain the folks that enjoy reading and baking would appreciate a copy of your book. Thanks so much~ Deb

  111. My favorite library is the Surrey Township Public Library, in Farwell Michigan, 105 E. Michigan, 48622. They always make you feel like you belong there and are always happy to see you. They have made many improvements over the years. I love the newsletter it keeps me informed of the goings on.

  112. Donna Tyler says:

    Hi Darien, I know my local library will be elated to receive your audio book collection. How very kind and generous of you. It can be sent to Corbin Memorial Library, Attn.: Gabe Stuckey, Branch Manager, 4 E. Main Street Crisfield, MD 21817.

    The employess at my library are always so kind and helpful. They know the type of books I like and if they see a new one come through that I haven’t asked about they will reserve it for me. I donate as many books to them as I can afford. Again thank you for being so thoughtful.

  113. Renee Howell says:

    Renee Howell
    Camden County Public Library
    1410 Hwy 40, East
    Kingsland, GA 31548
    (912) 729-3741
    Paul Quinn

    The thing that I enjoy most about our library is our location in the county. I think that it is the perfect location for most of our patrons to use the services that are available to them.

  114. Blue Ridge Public Library, Martinsville, Va.

  115. julia smith says:

    My husband started a genealogical research library 8 years ago and helps all people all over the world. He has “friends” all over and I feel this would make a great addition to his facility. It is staffed by himself, Floyd Smith III and several special volunteers. WNFRHC (Western Nebraska Family Research and History Center) is located at 1602 Ave.A, Scottsbluff,Nebraska 69361. This place is wonderful in that it brings so many people together! Floyd does a phenomenal job!

  116. Pat Bailey says:

    My name is Pat Bailey. I am still a volunteer at Fairfield Bay Library, 369 Dave Creek Pkwy, Fairfield Bay, AR, 72088. 501-884-4930. Our Director is Sara Michael. She is the only paid employee. The rest of the staff is made up of volunteers. Funding is by library memberships, book sales, fund raisers and donations. We receive no state funding as our county already has a state funded library. The library had its origins in a group of people who loved to read an started to share books. It’s a library to be proud of and offers books for all ages, in all genres including fiction, non fiction, easy, intermediate and young adult, genealogy, biography and reference. We have Internet access, movies, magazines, an Early Learning Station for kids and most importantly a bunch of smiling faces, willing to help you find what you need. For a small town library it’s something to be proud of and I’m glad to be a part of it. If you are ever in the area drop on in, we’d love to see you.

  117. Jennifer Arlene. Centreville Regional Library – 14200 St. Germain Drive, Centreville, VA 20121-2299, Ms. Christine Jones

    My library is a great source for books on CD! I have a long commute and if it weren’t for all the great options available at our library – to include Friendship Bread – I don’t know how I would survive my long drive into work! My son loves to go as well, even though he has many books at home, he is always up for going to the library!

  118. My favorite library is the Cloquet Public Library. 320 – 14TH ST, Cloquet, MN 55720 • 218-879-1531
    Library Director – Mary Lukkarila

    I love that our library hosts so many interesting workshops and programs that are geared toward both adults and children. The fact that they are Free, fun and educational is very important, especially if you have several children and not a lot of money.
    As the oldest of 6 children, I often used the library as my quiet place a refuge when I was younger.

  119. Janette Cumming says:

    My favourite library is the Geelong Regional Library, Victoria, all the way over in Australia. The local branch at John Drysdale in Corio, is where I started my own children and now my grandchildren on the magical journey with books. I borrow the audio books for my car journeys, have gone digital with an ereader but the physical books will never be obsolete in my mind.

  120. Nancy Swecker says:

    I want to nominate the Elizabethton Public Library at 201 N. Sycamore St., Elizabethton, TN 37643 in the Monthly Library Love contest. Their phone number is: 423-547-6360 and the Head Fiction Librarian is: Anna Estep.
    Our library was remodeled from a 1930’s era post office. It is beautiful, calm and relaxing whether you go to check out a book, cd, or dvd or just want to sit down and read awhile.

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