After: Paperback Cover

Friendship Bread: A Novel goes to paperback on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012! The book has an entirely new cover. It was lovely to receive my own copies the other day. So this is my round-about way of saying I have copies to give away! A few notes: Is this a novel? Yes, this is a novel. Read reviews and an excerpt here. Oh. I was hoping it was a cookbook. It is, in a way. There are Amish Friendship Bread recipes included in the back (12, to be exact), baking tips and a truly … [Read more...]

Spring Recipe Box Contest Winners

Mary Marlowe Leverette

Thank you Kitchen Friends for jumping in and helping us fill the Recipe Box. Our goal is to get the box up to 250 recipes by summer. The contest helped us get to 224 tasty recipes! The first 5  friends to submit a recipe and winners of the novel, Friendship Bread by Darien Gee are Alice Scheibelhofer from Canada Rebecca Givens Bickerstaff from Texas Jennifer Schoenberger from Kansas Jami Dodd fromTennessee Heidi Kleyn from Michigan Look at all the new recipes! It was not … [Read more...]

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