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Triple Lemon AFB Muffins 4 Streusel

Lemon Amish Friendship Bread Muffins

Need to eat your Amish Friendship Bread on the run? These lemon muffins will do the trick.

Quick and Easy Amish Friendship Bread Recipes

The First Friendship Bread Cookbook is Up for Pre-Order!

Pre-order today! Over 50 favorite Amish Friendship Bread recipes, created and curated by the Friendship Bread Kitchen. This edition includes an Amish Friendship Bread primer along with bonus material like making your own starter from scratch and gift-giving ideas and tips.

Diane Siniscalchi Apricot Pecan AFB Biscotti 3

Call for Recipes!

Have you got a great Amish Friendship Bread recipe? We would love to add it to our Recipe Box! You’ll receive full credit and may even see your recipe appear in a future FBK cookbook. Or send in a picture of your AFB–we’d love to see it and add it to our photo gallery. To […]

Nancy Munson

Apple Oatmeal Amish Friendship Bread

Instant apple oatmeal packets make this Amish Friendship Bread recipe fast, easy and nutritious.

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Novels in the bestselling Friendship Bread series:

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