1. Janet Young says:

    I don’t use shortening. Will butter work OK in the dough, or should vegetable oil be used?

    • Janet – do not use butter to replace to shortening; it has too much water in it and will tend to develop too much gluten in the bread making it chewy with a pizza-dough-ish quality.

      If you decide to use butter – instead of steps:

      Cut your butter into 1/4 tbl chunks, seperately beat the egg and milk together, thoroughly chill the butter and the mixture over night

      Use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment or a food processor. Add the dry ingredients and mix to combine evenly – use almost all of the flour; “cut” the butter into the dry ingredients; it should appear like course crumbs or sand

      slowly pour the egg-milk into the machine.

      When it forms a cohesive ball on its own, stop adding milk-egg. if using a mixer DO NOT knead – let in WACK around on the paddle for 30 sec or so. if using a food processor dump the ball onto the counter and knead just a few times.

      Follow the directions from step 8.

      If you are very careful not to handle the dough much it should work nicely. I’d try it :).

      You can use lard, coconut oil or gee (melted-then-boiled-and-re-solidified-butter)… these will ALL affect the flavor and/or texture of the monkey bread. I don’t use shortening either – I sub an equal measure solid coconut oil and/or lard depending on the recipe. ex) for biscuits I use lard (or gee if I have it for a better flavor), but in this recipe I’d either modify it or use coconut oil.

  2. My grandsons LOVE Monkey Bread-I can’t wait to try this.

    Thank you Heather!

  3. I use the butter flavored shortening and they are delicious

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