1. Michelle says:

    I only used 4 1/2 cups of flour and it appears a little dry. Will wait and see.

  2. Mmmm, these were great! I only added three cups of flour as five just seemed like too much, and the dough was pretty stiff after three. I doubled the amount of dill and onion and added a couple of minced garlic cloves. I had to bake for about 35 minutes instead of 20, but the result was a tasty, dense muffin. I will make these again, with these modifications.

  3. Wonderful recipe!! I am making some for Christmas dinner. I add more onion and dill to the recipe. We love it!!

  4. I made these rolls today and they are very dough-y … is that the texture they are supposed to be? I’m not saying they are “bad”, I suppose they just aren’t the texture I was expecting. Responses would be very helpful.

  5. Hey Debbie, Sorry yours weren’t what you expected. 🙁 After I made the first batch, which we liked, I make a few variations. I add a LOT more diced onion, and I didn’t let it rest for the 30 minutes. I also don’t put the topping on. I add a little more flour. Maybe if you added more flour or baked longer or shorter time? Hope this helps!!

  6. Ann Thompson says:

    This sounds perfect with soup or stew, or even chili! Thank you for the recipe, and thank you, too for posting comments at the bottom from cooks who have had successes modifying the recipe. It is always nice to have choices.

  7. These sound neat. I have a cheese biscuit starter recipe that are yummy but added dill sounds wonderful.

  8. mary mensinger says:

    On my to do list.

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