1. my first sourdough bread came out great!!!
    I just put another batch of dough in the bowl for its overnight rising and this time I omitted the sugar altogether hoping for more of a sourdough flavor

  2. I have used this starter for cakes, but never “sour dough bread”. True “sour dough starter” for sour dough bread dosen’ t have sugar in the “starter”

  3. Can you substitute whole wheat flour in this instead of the bread flour?

    • I have used whole wheat flour in bread recipes and it doesn’t work quite right. There is, however, a whole wheat bread flour out there that works wonders! The bread flour has increased gluten, which works with the yeast to create the wonderful texture we love in homemade bread. Hope it works for you! (I bought mine at a Whole Foods Market)

  4. When stating a cup of starter…you are referring to AMISH starter to which you add flour, sugar and milk? Do you cut the amount of sugar when using it for sourdough? does the salt lessen the effect of the sugar? I am just confused…very interested in trying it as I have not been successful on m ast attempt at making a sourdough starter and would love for this to work.

  5. I use this recipe to make dough for flatbread that I grill. I add a bit of rosemary to the dough then cut pieces off after rising the second time, roll out in rounds brush with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and cook on a high grill until lightly browned on both sides.

  6. Melissa Krausse says:

    I have tried this recipie twice and both times my dough does not rise much at all… making horrible bread…

  7. I love the way this bread came out. It is not as tart as regular sour dough, probably because of the way the starter is made. My first batch I let rise for about 14 hours the first time and 8 hours the second. I am going to check mine at about 10 hr for the first rise this time and see how it goes. I omitted the sugar the first go round, this time I added it to check the taste. I have included this recipe with the starter I give away!m7z

  8. Does this come out sour? I’m seeing that some people are omitting the sugar…that the 1/4 cup sugar in the recipe, right? Because the starter already has so much sugar? Or are they omitting the sugar in the starter?

  9. This just says bake until golden brown. How long is that? An hour-ish?

  10. I have made this recipe 3 times now and it has quickly replaced store bought sandwich bread. Like other posters I omitted the additional sugar, it is not really a sour dough per se but it really is a tasty loaf. I have also found the loaf comes out best when I let it rise over night, then knead it the next morning and let it rise a whole day more, baking it the second morning. Voila! Warm bread for lunch that day!

    • I made it the same way as Liz, this bread is wonderful!! I omitted the sugar and let it rise 2 full days. The loaves were huge. I baked them for 45 minutes and they turned out perfect.

  11. I was given a Amish Friendship Bread stater by my brother in eary December. I followed the recipe that came with it but found it waaaaay tooooo sweeeet. In searching for an alternative recipe to use for my multiplying starters as Christmas gifts I was thrilled to see your bread recipe. Instead of giving away the starters I baked them all up and shared them with family; what a treat, I forgot how much my brothers enjoy fresh bread. Went to visit my brother today and came home with two more bags of starter and a request for the “Christmas Bread Recipe” from my brother. I don’t think we will be buying bread anytime soon! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome, Karen! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting us know, and so glad you found a recipe that worked for you (and your family).

  12. Thank you so much! I have never had bread turn out so good! I use whole wheat and brown sugar to feed my starter and used brown sugar in the recipe instead of white. Turned out great and not too sweet! Not sure how to post a picture but it looks beautiful too 🙂

  13. I made this today, well, over the last three days. Turned out great in the end, but I didn’t knead it enough the first day. It barely rose the first night (like I couldn’t tell it had risen at all) but I kneaded it like crazy the next day and it rose well over the next 18 hours. One loaf wasn’t as pretty as the other, but it tasted great. It will make really good toasted sandwich bread (for paninis and such). And I left out the sugar.

  14. I was just about to start my first batch of bread with my new starter (this is day 11 and it’s nice and bubbly after feeding it yesterday) but I am a bit confused by the directions. They say to use 1/2 c oil. Then mix all ingredients, I’m assuming this includes the oil? Only reason I’m asking is that it states further on that you need oil for kneading too.

  15. I’m confused. Someone just gave me some starter. So I don’t feed it or go thru the 10 days but just make the bread? Thanks

  16. I used the starter that was given to me. I didn’t grow it out, just used the starter for this recipe. It’s ok bread, but it takes way too long to make. I prefer to mix bread and bake the same day. I let it grow 24 hours in the bowl. shaped loaves and let it rise overnight. it was slow starting but I noticed it rises faster the 2nd and 3rd times. I reshaped the loaves and let rise 4 more hours. baked for 35 minutes. I won’t use this method for my weekly bread baking but it was an interesting experiment…..and I got rid of the Amish starter 🙂

  17. do I really need a starter in order to succeed in making sourdough bread ? why not leave the dough in room temp for 48 hours and add acid stuff like apple cider vinegar instead the acidity of the starter ,as well place some yeast nearby the tray ,in order to dough do its job by its own of collecting the candida “

    • Hi Star — you could always do that, of course! The charm with Amish Friendship Bread and its starter is that it’s passed along and shared. Here in the Kitchen, we love sharing different recipes for people to try if they’ve been gifted one cup of starter. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Ran out of pudding mix will it work without it

    • Hi Darlene! This recipe doesn’t use pudding mix. Were you referring to another recipe? And in general you can leave it out unless it’s obviously necessary for a flavor boost (i.e. pumpkin spice pudding for Amish Friendship Bread pumpkin spice bread). Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

  19. I’ve nursed my starter for 9 days and I’m getting ready to make my sourdough loaf. I have a question, though. At what stage do you use the starter? Day 10, before feeding it or after? Thank you so much!!

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