Second Day of Kitchen Giveaway: Avalon Ladies ARC and Baker’s Twine!

DAY 2: December 8, 2012 – Saturday

“On the Second Day of Kitchen, Darien gave to me … an advanced reader’s copy of The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society and a cone of red-and-white Baker’s Twine!”

Second Day of Kitchen

Second Day of Kitchen

Meet Isabel Kidd, 38

In response to a fellow crafter’s question if they’re “cropping” or “scrapping” at the monthly scrapbooking meeting, Isabel (who is most definitely NOT a scrapbooker) suggests, “Maybe we’re crapping.” Witty and wry, Isabel Kidd is fixing up her house as she fixes up her life, anxious to move forward but mired in the consequences of her late husband’s love affair—a young toddler who needs more help than his own mother can give. Plus there’s Bettie Shelton, her nosy neighbor who breaks into Isabel’s house when she’s not home (though is it considered breaking in if she knows where the hide-a-key is?). When Isabel begins to notice other odd behavior, she’s  faced with a difficult choice: walk away or help, even if it means putting her pride aside. Read The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society to see what happens!

The Giveaway 

The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society advanced reader’s copy (ARC) and this hefty spool (it’s half a pound!) of a whopping 2,300 feet of premium red and white baker’s twine for all your gift giving and scrapbooking needs! Wrap up your Amish Friendship Bread loaves, cakes and cookies in clear bags or containers, and dress it up with this classic baker’s twine. Perfect for tags, holiday wrapping, and more. You can seriously never have enough baker’s twine on hand—I have about ten different colors myself!

To Enter

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Kristin from Waupaca, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Kristin! To see the complete list of winners, click here.

What You Can Do with Baker’s Twine (Answer: Everything!)

From  ♥ Moa Maria

From a Spoonful of Sugar

From Everything LEB

From Allora Handmade

Garland from Lolly’s Home

From Merriment Design

and the list goes on …!

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  1. I like to use baker’s twine to tie around photo cards I have printed with scenes from nature or culturally significant sites. The cards are semi-homemade (the photos are originals) and the twine gives the gifts a personal touch.

    I am from Clatskanie, OR. I am not on Facebook, so cannot “like” you there but if I am allowed a newsletter follower entry, this would be it.

    P.S. Despite my lack of Facebook, in real life I like you a lot!

  2. Donna Bennett says:

    I’d use the twine tying up Christmas treats or use in my homemade cards that I make for my family and friends! Sweet!

  3. Juli Serrato says:

    the finishing touch on my loaves of friendship breads that I am planning on giving away this holiday season….
    All the best and keep those creative juices flowing :))) <3
    Juli Serrato, from Racine,WI

    ps, I agree with Beth T, I like you alot as well.. and Beth that was an awesome post <3

  4. I use bakers twine on alot of home made cards and packages. I have several different colors. I live near the Chesapeake Bay in a small town in the north east corner of Maryland.

  5. Kelly Showalter says:

    What can’t you do – anything from a turkey to the holding up your tomato plants in the garden. I’m from the Shenandoah Valley, in VA – Happy Holidays!

  6. I’d use the baker’s twine on homemade goodies, for sure! I’m from the St. Louis, MO, area (Columbia, IL). I absolutely love to bake!

  7. I’ve never used bakers twine before. I will be reading along to see what others use it for 🙂

    Memphis, TN

  8. I bought brown crafting paper to wrap presents this year. I think the twine will look pretty against that as well.

  9. Renee Mraz says:

    I use baker’s twine for tying up my herbs. I’m from Kempton, IN

  10. I would use my bakers twine on the crown roast I will be cooking for Christmas!

  11. Jessica Tomasi says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber

  12. from Woonsocket, RI
    I’d use the twine in my eighth grade for some of the decorations we are making

  13. Lisa Nicholson says:

    I would use the twine on gifts, for tags and wrapping around homemade goodies this year.

  14. I would love to make a Christmas wreath from it.Then put a big red velvet bow on the bottom to finish it up.
    Lisa Seymour

  15. I use twine to wrap gifts that I give out..I’m from Lock Haven,PA..
    Thanks for the chance to win..

  16. I would use bakers twine to tie on our holiday gifts/treats. It would also end up getting used in numerous craft projects 🙂
    Kristin from Waupaca co. WI

  17. Ohh and I’m a newsletter subscriber.

    Kristin from Waupaca co. WI

  18. Bonnie O. says:

    Think I would like to make the wreath too. I’m from Durant, Iowa

  19. I love to use baker’s twine to wrap up loaves of pumpkin bread (my favorite kind) that I give away as gifts. I also use it instead of string or hooks to hang ornaments. I am from Orlando, Florida.

  20. I would use the twine to wrap up homemade cookies and other goodies for the holiday season! I am from Round Lake, IL 🙂

  21. I always give cookie plates, quick breads or pans of brownies to my cousins for Christmas. I would love to use the pretty baker’s twine to wrap the treats.

    I already like your Darien Gee FB page and I’m from snowy Freeland, MI.

  22. Robin Blankenship says:

    I would love to use it on a wreath I am making.

    I like Darien Gee FB. I am in Lawrenceburg, KY. Thank you


  23. I will use the twine to tie up Christmas treat gifts. Would love to try making the wreath with it also, here in White Hall, AR.

  24. Never have used it but will do some of the suggestions on here if I win..I am from George, WA Hi there!!

  25. For Christmas this year, I went with a “Prim” decorating theme. The twine would be perfect for keeping within the homespun look by tying around packages that have been wrapped in brown paper. My Christmas tags this year are homemade cinnamon gingers that have been painted and names written on which could also be attached with the baker’s twine.

    From Blairsville, PA

  26. Nathenia R. says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber 🙂

  27. I Play Outside The Box says:

    Hello from Rock Hill, SC!!! I do a lot of baking for my family at Christmas time…so this would sure add to the beauty of the packaging. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  28. Remember Katherine Zeta Jones and the red yarn in the film “Entrapment”? That’s me with kitchen twine. It’s just something I do when I’m bored. Tying ballotines, homemade sausages, stuffed roasts, fishing nets… Sometimes when I run out of rosemary, I tie red and white twine around my finger for remembrance. Kitchen twine is the gift that never stops giving. Twine twine twine. Even the word is fun. All this and more happens in lovely Croton on Hudson NY. : )

  29. I like to use the twine to tie up my Christmas treats! I am from Toledo, OH and I definitely like you on FB!

  30. I would use the bakers twine to wrap around gifts and goodies for all my loved ones. I am from Lake Oswego, Oregon.

  31. Kira Endicott says:

    I am a news letter subscriber from Winfield, KS

  32. Kira Endicott says:

    For some reason I didn’t have a “like” option on your main page so I went through all your pages on the site and “liked” them all. I have read each page a few weeks ago and love the excerpt from the Ladies Scrapbooking and your advice to aspiring writers page. I can’t wait to read the book.

    I use bakers twine for wrapping meat and to string up greeting cards through out the year. It makes it an easy way to hang up my kids art projects, too.

    Winfield, KS

  33. Jane Cook says:

    I’d like to try crocheting this color into snowflakes to decorate the Christmas tree!

    I’m from Indianapolis, IN.

  34. I would use bakers twine to wrap food gifts. I am from Ft. Thomas , Ky.

  35. I would use the baker’s twine to wrap food gifts to give–I am from West Salem, WI.

  36. Bonita Shivley says:

    I make homemade cookie and beverage mixes for Christmas gifts. I give them away in canning jars with pretty cloth over the lids. The pretty twine is perfect for tying a Merry Christmas note card with recipes on the jar.
    I’m from Joplin, MO 🙂

  37. Charlotte Nail says:

    I would use the twine to embelish my sewing projects…..I am a quilter and often like to make some sort of design on the finished quilt….and of course there are many uses for the twine in the kitchen……

  38. Sandy McFadden says:

    I would use it in making my home made fudge sauce to wrap the jars with and to use to attach my gift cards to the jar.

    I’m from Genoa City, WI

  39. I’ve never used bakers twine before – so many cute and fun ideas – I’m going to have to get me some. 🙂
    I’m from Tremonton, Utah

  40. I’m a newsletter subscriber from Tremonton, Utah

  41. I love the look of the twine to attach tags, tie up goodies and packages. Lots of possibilities!

  42. I love Friendship Bread (your book, and the food!) and I was so excited to see that the sequel involves scrapbooking! 😀
    I would use the twine in my scrapbooking and card-making, as well as for tying up bread or other goodies for gifts. And I would LOVE the arc copy of the new book!!
    I’m from Southern California.

  43. Margaret Langston says:

    I have a need for the twine almost every day. I appreciate the suggestions.

  44. Rachael Barna says:

    I would use the baker’s twine for packaging all my holiday goodies as well as using it when I cook a big roast. And can’t wait to read your new book so an ARC would be awesome to win! 🙂

  45. I would so love the red and white twine. I would use it for all my homemade gifts that I will be giving my co workers. I would also use it for tying around the top of mason jars for flowers. I am from Vancouver Washington.
    I get the newsletter, and I put this on my Facebook. This one thing I really want for Christmas, and I have been kind of good this year LOL.

  46. The baker’s twine looks so cool! I would use it to wrap my cookies in a creative plastic bag, then tie the twine around the bag and loop it into a creative ribbon. I am from Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

  47. I can use twine to tie up my baked goods. I like to surprise my son’s class, teacher, and aides, and our Special Needs Ministry at our church with a new recipe each time I bake for them. I do the same at every holiday with my family. I love baking at any time of year! I’m from Ringwood, NJ, in a wooded area very close to nature, not far from a reservoir. I’m too far away from the center of town to walk, so baking and crafting are my passions.

  48. Celeste Candelaria says:

    I love using the twine on all of my baking gifts. It’s a nice finishing touch & always dresses them up so nicely. 🙂

  49. Celeste Candelaria says:

    Denver, CO

  50. Love all the creative ideas!

  51. Hi I gave you a like and I use twine for roasts, decorating, etc. I am from New England. Dee

  52. I would use the twine to tie up the many loaves of friendship bread I will pass along this year.

  53. This would be great for DIY jars of cookie mix, hot chocolate, etc. It also would be great to wrap around cookie packages to give at Christmas!

  54. I am from Rock Hill SC and am a newsletter subscriber as of Yesterday. lol. I love twine for all different reasons right now i just have white and use for holding eatables together.

  55. Letha Cross says:

    from gilmer tx

  56. I’ve used Twine before for Beef and Pork roasts. Love the different colors it comes in!

    Watertown WI

  57. I use it to crochet pretty coasters. I’m from near Buffalo, NY.

  58. I’m a newsletter subscriber.

  59. I use twine for a lot. Ornaments, gift wrapping, card decorating , wreath decoration, on mason jars, gift food wrapping ties.
    From Ohio, live in Kentucky!
    Liked you on facebook!

  60. Nedra Hips says:

    I would use the baker’s twine in many different ways…to tie up Christmas gifts & other items around the house.

  61. Donna in SC says:

    Seasons Greetings from beautiful Pageland, South Carolina! I would use the twine to wrap around the tops of jar gifts and homemade baked goodies I like to give to friends and family during Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. I’m living in Ulysses, KS. I don’t think I’ve ever used Baker’s twine, but it sounds interesting. 🙂

  63. Emily Beck says:

    I live in Augusta, Ga. I love all your ideas for the bakers twine. I don’t have any pretty colors to use for gift wrapping. I would use it for Christmas 🙂

  64. Hi
    Bakers twine- there is no other use other than for scrapbooking, card making, crafts, especially a roll of cute bakers twine! Tracy from Trail, BC Canada

  65. Robin McGowan says:

    I like to use it to tie different size boxes together filled with cookies and candies for gifts

  66. Shirley Dalton Gross says:

    From michigan city, indiana- anxious to make cinnamon ornaments as gift tags on packages–this twine would be perfect to hang them or tie around gifts.

  67. I would use the string for crafts: ornaments, homebaked goods wrapped and tagged with the string.

  68. Mary Stanton says:

    I use my baker’s twine when I put together a gift basket. It works great to tie the top, it doesn’t slip like ribbon does. I would also love to make the wreath. Very cool!!

  69. Debbi Kapp says:

    I buy brown paper gift bags at a crafts store, cut out the front of my favorite Christmas cards from the previous year, glue them on the bag and decorate. I would use the baker’s twine as a border for the cards or to tie on the name tag. I could punch two holes close together between the handles, thread the twine through and tie in a cute bow. Or punch one hole through both sides of the bag between the handles and use the twine to tie the bag closed or to tie the two handles together. Would be sooo cute and festive! Would also make a cute garland for a kitchen window with cookie cutters, cinnamon ornaments, tiny ornaments, mini-candy canes, etc., tied on 🙂

  70. Debbi Kapp says:

    Oh, sorry–I am from Tucson, Arizona.

  71. I’m from Colorado (by way of Texas) and I’m an elementary school librarian. I’m sure I could find many uses for baking twine with my students. It would be a beautiful way to hang student work and I love your wreath idea.

  72. Cheri Minott says:

    Hi & Happy Holidays! First of all, I want to “Thank You” for having this Fantastic contest for all of your fans….such a sweet and generous gesture. 🙂 Yes, You are (and have been) liked on your FB page. I was so Very excited when I first found you and your Friendshp Bread recipe. Years ago (oops, I’m aging myself, LOL) we all used to share a wonderful starter bread mixture that we would “feed” daily for a certain amount of days, divide it up, use some, save one and share the rest. Due to several moves, different unforseen events, etc, the starter and recipe had “disappeared”. For years I hunted, asked around and searched my collection of recipe boxes and books, but was unable to find it….or even anything close to it. Then one wonderful day, I found You and Your Fantastic Friendship Bread! YAAY! Thank you! Thank you! Although I do want to wish Everyone “Good Luck” with this contest, I am crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky winners! I love the Christmas-y, Candy-cane look of this twine (I’ve only used that basic off white colored one). I seem to use it for just about everything from cooking to gardening, from gift giving, card making, hanging homemade cinnamon ornaments, belts and adornments for the doll clothes I make etc etc. It would definitely be used in many ways. I’m from a small town in Maine between Portland and Auburn (and about 10 minutes from the original L.L. Bean Store…I’m sure some of you have heard of them or seen their catalog). I will be gifting a lot of baked goods (most of them will be your recipes, of course) so I will have a need for that pretty twine to tie them up and make a nice bow. I would LOVE a copy of your new book….do you sign it for us too? Wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year! Toodles…

  73. I would use the twine to wrap my homemade baked goods. Cheshire, MA, newsletter subscriber

  74. My G-mother gave me some bakers twine over 35 years ago with little tiny clothes pins on it to hang my Christmas Cards and I still have the original twine and it is holding the cards that I have received this year.

  75. Deborah Johnson says:

    I would use the twine on homemade tags I attach to baked goodies. I love red/white combo. I am from Union City GA and a newsletter subscriber.

  76. Ruth Naylor says:

    I’ve never actually used “baker’s twine”, but I’ve used kitchen twine. Is that the same thing? I use it to tie up roasts and chicken and turkey legs. I would definitely use this twine for decorating gift jars. I’m from Marietta, GA.

  77. I’ve never used baker’s twine before. But after reading the comments on here, I think I can find a whole lot of things to do with it!! I am from Branch, MI.

  78. I am from Wisconsin and would use baker’s twine for prime rib and crafts!

  79. I am a newsletter subscriber.

  80. Diane Siniscalchi says:

    I’m also on your mailing list, and live in Ringwood, NJ.

  81. I have never used baker’s twine. First for everything. From Imler, PA.

  82. Sally Sullivan says:

    I would use it to truss my turkey and chickens and roasts.

  83. Glenda Rogers says:

    I would use the twine to wrap up and decorate home made goodies. In OK!

  84. Glenda Rogers says:

    I am a current newsletter sub

  85. I liked this page on facebook and I already clicked like for your author page on facebook awhile ago. =]

    I have never used bakers twine before but I would use it on the jars like you show in the first picture. =]

    I’m from Charleston, SC.

  86. I just signed up for your newsletter and I’m excited about receiving news updates from you!

  87. Oh, fabulous twine! Like you on FB! Happy holidays!

  88. Heather Kennedy says:

    I would use the twine for cooking, crafts and decorating.
    I am on your newsletter list.
    Rock Hill, SC

  89. Heather Nance says:

    I would wrap a cute little glass bottle in bakers twine and give it as a gift with a cute note inside!!! 🙂 Also, I liked and tweeted this blog and im from Alvin,TX

  90. liked

    I use it to make ordiments and to give packages that extra touch as well as use it for the homke made cookies boxes

    Im a news letter subscriber

    and im from Missouri USA

  91. I am a newsletter subscriber and the bakers twine makes me think of a bakery we went to as kids

  92. Bakers twine – useful stuff! The possibilities are limitless. I would use it in some of my jewelry designs for sure –
    ~Kim, Cuba City, WI

  93. I am also a subscriber

  94. librarypat says:

    1. I liked this post (#30) and tweeted it
    2. I liked you on Facebook as Patricia Barraclough.
    3. When giving a loaf of bread as a gift, I often wrap it in a tea or kitchen towel. The Bakers twine is the perfect tie to use to finish the wrapping. It can also be used to crochet fun coasters to use on the porch or kitchen table/counter.

    Greetings from Jonesborough, TN

  95. librarypat says:

    I am a subscriber.

  96. I’d use it to wrap poppy seed bread.

    North Augusta, SC

  97. I’m a newsletter subscriber weceno(at)aol(dot)com.

  98. I am a subscriber. Great contest! : )

  99. Newsletter subscriber!
    Rita in Southern CA

  100. Never used actual baker’s twine, but I’d like to use it to tie up all my friendship bread loaves that I’m making for Christmas presents!

  101. I gave a “Like” on Facebook…
    “Tweet” ~
    I love to use twine when I make handmade cards and for wrapping gifts.
    I am from Southern Illinois…
    Thanks much…Cindi

  102. Also, I am an email subscriber to your blog.
    Thank you!

  103. Renita Flowers says:

    I liked your blog and on FB. I’m a newsletter subscriber from Fernandina Beach, FL.
    I would use the twine for my baking gifts and arts and crafts with the kids!!

  104. I’ve never used baker’s twine.
    Im a newsletter subscriber from Newman, CA

  105. Mary Allbright says:

    I liked this post and tweeted it. Plus I liked you on Facebook and started following you on twitter! I love using the red and white twine to wrap my baked gifts because it looks like a candy cane! I am from Alma, Arkansas and am a newsletter subsciber as well!

  106. we love you from Missouri

  107. Julie Parrish says:

    So many uses so little time! I am a newsletter subscriber too.

  108. I would use the Baker’s Twine for wrapping small gifts as well as baked goodies. I live in Holmes Beach, FL.

  109. I am a Mia King subscriber.

  110. Donna Holmberg says:

    I’m from Middletown, DE and I like to use Baker’s Twine to tie scraps of fabric around the tops of my jars of homemade habanero jelly.

  111. Donna Holmberg says:

    I’m on the mailing list.

  112. love the ideas!
    Seeley Lake, MT

  113. The idea for using the twine for so many different projects is wonderful. I have used ribbon but the idea of the twine is better for the homemade gifts.
    Hamilton, OH

  114. I love to use bakers twine on simple packages wrapped in butcher paper. I am from Cambridge, WI.

  115. Kelly Showalter says:

    Newsletter subscriber!

  116. I would use the bakers twine to attach bread recipes to mason jars filled with Amish Friendship Bread Starter. I’m from Prairieville, LA

  117. Jacqueline in Atlanta says:

    I liked this page (and posted it to facebook) and liked your facebook pages.

    I love the red and white twine. I use baker’s twine for all kinds of things including to tie onto hand stamped gift tags.

    I’m from Atlanta by way of OKC.

  118. I’m from Missouri.
    I liked on facebook (this post and you on fb)
    I would use the twine to wrap gifts probably.

  119. Mari Vesey says:

    My daughter (17) is a huge crafter and makes all of her christmas gifts for famly and friends – and anyone else she can think of! She uses twine to wrap around candle jars, to tie wire nametags to gifts, or to tie up cellophane when wrapping homemade goodies.
    We are from Forreston, Illinois!

  120. Virginia H says:

    My sister is a big crafter and I am sure she could use it although it looks like it would be great for doing gifts with. I tweeted this blog post, scribd, From KY

  121. I am from Connersville IN and I would use the string to wrap gifts 🙂 oh and I’m a subscriber

  122. I’m from Sterling, VA and I’d love to use the twine for wrapping tasty treats I’ve made~ especially Friendship Bread for holiday presents!!!!

  123. Maria Kiguthi says:

    I’m from UT I use the twine for my holiday treats.

  124. Vanessa McIntyre says:

    I will use twine to make baked goods prettier. I am from Candor, NC

  125. Virginia H says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber

  126. I subscribe!

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